What We Treat

The most common conditions we see at Qwibil include:

You don’t need one of these diagnoses to come to Qwibil, we work with everyone.

A typical visit involves listening to you and:

  • learning what your health goals are
  • teaching mindfulness-based skills for self-care and self-healing
  • creating a treatment plan, including ordering appropriate labwork
  • coordinating with your care team

If you seek a doctor sees you as a whole person, who works collaboratively with you, and who has extensive expertise with medical marijuana and CBD… your search is over!

We also offer medical marijuana and CBD focused appointments, including providing WA state Medical Marijuana Authorizations when appropriate.

Beyond over 30 years of combined expertise with medical marijuana, our doctors have additional training in fat loss, neurofeedback, nutrition, trigger point injections for soft tissue pain, craniosacral and visceral manipulation, and IV therapy.

We look forward to meeting you at Qwibil Natural Healing Clinic!