Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine and What Does a Naturopathic Doctor Do?

When you want a more natural approach to healthcare, a Naturopathic Doctor is an ideal choice. A Naturopathic Doctor (ND) has similar training to what an MD receives as a family practice provider. We learn everything that an MD does! Please note that we do not specialize in pediatrics and are not appropriate for acute/urgent care situations. Here is what we DO offer! 

An ND prescribes and manages medications when needed.

We also receive added training in:

Botanical (herbal medicine):

How to use plants, including native plants, as medicines. Indigenous populations were skilled at using local plants as medicine. Science continues to confirm the practice of using local plants as medicine. We strive to use plant medicine, including cannabis, when possible.


Your food is medicine. The saying “You are what you eat” is true! Your entire body is made of components that came from your food. Make your body from all the best nutrients!


Lifestyle medicine focuses on the importance of sleep, movement, stress management, spirituality and more. 

Homeopathic medicines: 

Homeopathic medicine is a specific type of low dose medicine based on natural substances. Homeopathic medicines are extremely safe for all age groups and can provide fast benefits.

Nutritional supplements: 

You are what you eat! Beyond this, we can use carefully selected vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as medicine. Some health conditions and medications increase the need for certain nutrients. When we ensure that you have the nutrients needed, you heal faster, have fewer side effects, or slow progression of your health condition.

Non-drug therapies: 

There are a wide variety of therapies that do not require the use of plants, nutrition or other medicines. At Qwibil we often use neurofeedback to train your brain pathways towards healthier pathways. 


Your naturopathic doctor has added training in the use of counseling. We don’t take the place of your mental health professional. Instead, we use our skills to help build a healthy relationship with you. We can teach you about healthy mental, emotional and spiritual boundaries and their relationship to your health. We can assess and diagnose mental health conditions.

Finding underlying causes

As naturopathic doctors, our goal is to find and treat the underlying cause of a symptom rather than treat the symptom itself. We still treat symptoms sometimes because this can improve quality of life! While we treat symptoms, we strive to find deeper root causes.  

You can expect us to spend more time learning about you and your life than most doctor appointments. We’ll discuss your mood, diet, movement patterns, stress, and lifestyle in addition to your symptoms and diagnoses. 

We look forward to meeting you at Qwibil Natural Healing Clinic!