How Much CBD Should I Take?

How Much CBD Should I Take? - Qwibil Natural Healing Clinic Tacoma

How much CBD you need to treat your health concern depends on you and what health issue you are treating. It’s best to discuss with your doctor, however, CBD is a very safe product at the dosages most people take. 

Here’s the approach that I take with patients to learn how much CBD they should take. 

First decide what form to take CBD in.

Some products (like capsules) have set dosages, others can be dosed in a more flexible manner (tinctures, edibles). If you are new to CBD, you may want to take a more flexible product until you learn the dosage that is best for you. 

Second start with a low dose.

For patients who report sensitivity to medications, I will start at 2-5mg CBD, for others I will start around 10mg CBD. It’s better to start with the low dose in the unlikely event that you have an allergy or other sensitivity to the product. Notice what you feel in the 4-6 hours after using your starting dose. 

If you notice no effect, you will need to increase your dosage until you do.

I have patients increase the dose by 2-10mg per dose based on their experience. If you notice nothing, continue increasing the dose each day until you notice effect. If you notice an effect and aren’t sure of how much CBD you should take, it’s best to stay at that dose until you decide it is enough, or not enough. If not enough, increase the dose.

It’s OK to stay at a dose that might be enough for a week or two until you make a decision. 

Most patients find that between 2 and 100mg per dose of CBD is the amount they should take. Most common is between 25 and 50mg per dose. After you learn how much CBD to take, the next step is to decide if you need more than one dose per day. Some can use CBD only as needed, others will need a schedule with multiple doses per day. 

Research into CBD has shown that it can be safely used by most people at doses up to 1500mg per day.

However, if you take more than 40mg CBD per day, please tell your doctor as CBD can interact with many medications, particularly anything that has a grapefruit warning sticker on the bottle. Most commonly, CBD will *increase* how well this medication works, which isn’t always a good thing as it may increase side effects.

Your doctor may need to adjust your medication dosage if you are using CBD with it. 

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