About CBD

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a bioactive constituent in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD has significant appeal as a medicine or supplement because CBD does not produce psychoactivity, or a “high.” 

With no psychoactivity, CBD is typically safe for most people of all ages to use.

CBD is non-habit forming. 

CBD can be taken orally, or applied topically as a lotion, balm, or bath soak.

CBD can be used for many health conditions including but not limited to anxiety, depression, PTSD, seizures, opiate withdrawal, protect against neurological disease, pain, diabetic complications, arthritis, inflammation. 
What is CBD?
The Qwibil Nature Pharmacy: CBD Products

If you are new to CBD, it is always best to check with your doctor.

There are some medications that interact with CBD, if you are using medications, you will want to ensure that CBD is safe to combine with your medications. If there is a potential interaction, work with our doctor to determine the best course of action for you.  If your doctor is not familiar with CBD, the doctors at Qwibil are available for appointments. 

Click here to download our helpful guide of CBD interactions

The Qwibil Nature Pharmacy offers high quality, high potency CBD products that are difficult to find elsewhere. We have flower, tinctures, capsules, tarts, gummies, and products you can apply to your skin. Our online store is available HERE

Our physical shop in Qwibil is also open for business!

Here are some general CBD dosage suggestions to start with:


Please allow 1-3 hours for full effect of oral CBD. Adjust your timing once you have tried it a few times and know what works for you. Topical products should work in a few minutes.


If you are new to CBD, we recommend starting with a low dose of 2-10mg. Some products may need to be divided to get a dose this low. You can increase the dosage as appropriate for you, or as recommended by your doctor.

Typical doses vary widely- it is usual for this to be somewhere between 2mg and 100mg used 1-4x a day. Some research uses as much as 1200mg CBD daily. 

Topical CBD products should be applied initially in layers over the affected area. Spread one layer, let dry and then spread another layer on top. You can apply as often as you like. Most people will use it more often at first and reduce dosage as effect builds. If you have questions about CBD, ask your doctor.


CBD isolate and full spectrum products can both be used for the same health conditions. 

CBD isolate contains only pure CBD.

Isolate benefits: provides guaranteed zero THC and only CBD so you know exactly what is in the product to the minute details. Isolate is also particularly useful if you enjoy making your own CBD products as isolate can be easily added to foods, topical products, and cosmetics. Isolate is recommended if you are drug-tested  as there is no possibility of other cannabinoids in the product.

Full spectrum products contain CBD + other active plant compounds: other cannabinoids (CBN, CBL, CBCVA, etc.), terpenes (pinene, limonene, etc.). Full spectrum products may contain trace amounts of THC, WA state allows up to 0.3% THC in hemp CBD products. As a small amount of THC is permitted in full spectrum hemp CBD products, we recommend that anyone who is drug tested to choose a CBD isolate instead of a full-spectrum product.

Full spectrum benefits: provides “entourage” effect with CBD by including other cannabinoids, terpenes. It is also a less refined product than isolate. Full spectrum products may be available in a wider selection of products.

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