Cannabis dosing for medical use

what dose of THC is best for medical marijuana or cannabis patients to treat health conditions

Cannabis dosing ranges wildly from person to person, particularly when considering THC dosing. At Qwibil our experienced team has decades of experience with cannabis dosing. We’ve found that it’s best to start with low dosing and increase dosing slowly. It’s always best to check with your doctor since they know you and your situation.

It is important to use the lowest dose possible to treat your symptoms to reduce unwanted effects. This might be a different system than a strict recreational user might follow, as for them the goal is to “get high” and not to treat a specific symptom. Your doctor may recommend balancing THC with CBD or other cannabinoids for the best effect. We often use a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD for pain. CBD can help reduce psychoactivity from the THC.

The right dosage depends on a lot of things, including tolerance, individual body chemistry, body weight, and the effect you seek.

Here are some basic guidelines to help you find the right dose, measured in milligrams (mg). If you are new to cannabis ALWAYS start with the lowest possible dose, I often have patients cut a 10mg THC edible into quarters or eights, or to use a liquid product where it is easier to measure out a 1-2.5mg dose. People who are new to cannabis typically notice psychoactivity at lower doses than experienced cannabis user. Always tread gently into this arena as you learn your body’s response to THC.

Start out with one dose daily at first as you learn what dose works for you, how long it takes for you to notice effects and how long effects last. When you have this information you and your doctor can determine the right dosing schedule for you.

Cannabis dosing 1 – 2.5 mg THC edibles

  • Gentle relief of symptoms. Most users do not feel any intoxication at this dose, although some do. A great reason to start with a low dose! Many sensitive patients do well staying in this dose range, obtaining gentle symptom relief without adverse effects.

Cannabis dosing 3 – 5 mg THC edibles

  • Stronger relief of symptoms; euphoria; may impair coordination and alter perception in some people. A common lower limit for psychoactivity (high) is around 5mg for many users. This dose is a good stepping stone if the microdose isn’t enough for your symptoms.

Cannabis dosing 6 – 15 mg THC edibles

  • Effective relief for many symptoms. Many patients will notice psychoactivity in this dose range. Patients who are new to cannabis may notice adverse effects in this dose range. 10mg THC is the maximum single dose for edibles sold in WA state.

Cannabis dosing 16 – 30 mg THC edibles

  • Do not start out in this dose range as most patients will notice significant psychoactivity and impairement. If you have significant tolerance to THC this dose may be appropriate for you. I’ve also seen patients with gastrointestinal disorders who may absorb THC poorly require doses in this range.

Cannabis dosing 31+ mg THC edibles

  • If your appropriate dose is in this range, you probably aren’t reading this article! I’ve had many patients over the years who required higher doses for severe symptoms or cancer, however, no one starts here. Always start with significantly lower doses and titrate up as needed.

If you have questions or concerns about finding the right dose and dosing schedule for you, the doctors at Qwibil are happy to help you. We have decades of combined experience with medical marijuana patients.

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